After months of planning, apartment hunting and offloading stuff (how did we accumulate so much?) I closed the door of the apartment at 75bis rue Monge and left the keys inside. It’s so weird thinking we’re unlikely to ever see the inside of art deco-y, leopard print infused apartment ever again.
Stacker went to New Orleans for Stiffy’s bachelor party while I spent a lovely, if busy, week in London visiting family, friends and clients.
Finally at Heathrow airport, after a pint of shandy with Fonz, the adventure begins! Unusually for Heathrow, security and check in goes quickly and here I am, surrounded by the eclectic sample of humanity that is an airport lounge. I feel like jumping up and screaming ‘freeeeeedom!’.  That would certainly serve to take the pressure off the awkward encounter going on nearby between two exes as the guy’s current girlfriend looks on distinctly unamused…

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