On April 26th, we’ll have been nomadic for three years! During this time my friends and family have suffered through 54 blog posts, many of them long and rambling and all at sporadic intervals. So for a change, and to mark (almost) three years of blogging, here are 10 7 fun facts from my WordPress blog stats.. with absolutely no analysis and in as few words as I can manage!

After all you know how much I love lists..

Sex sells

Some people were lured here via some underhanded sex-based SEO such as the three people who arrived via the search term Debbie does a donkey (see it here!), the two who wanted to see someone strolling naked (it does happen!) and one lonely soul in search of gladiator babes in g-strings (I got nothing for ya!)

Fair play to those dedicated folks, they had to trawl through a lot of pages of search results to get here. I hope it was enlightening!

… and so does piss, evidently

Thanks to the use of the word pissoire in this post, a number of people have been fooled into coming here while looking for vintage pissoire and paris pissoire photos.
I was also intrigued by the search term candy bar montreal toilet seat and doing some Googling of my own found that they do indeed have some rather interesting pissoires, including a girls cubicle where two toilets face each other and open-mouted urinals on the men’s side.

I’m the authority on Lebanon

Ok, not really. However, Lebanon is by far the most popular topic on my blog with my posts on Beirut and Bekaa Valley bringing in the most traffic by a huge margin.

You like turtles

The most clicked-on video was this video of a Hawaiian turtle trying to crawl back in the sea and never quite making it. Awwww…

You’re a little worried you’re not being heard

The 3rd most clicked-upon link from this blog to the outside world was 12 Obvious Clues Nobody is Listening to You.

You want to know what?!

Perhaps the most bizarre search term used to arrive here was west palm beach moogle wash my sins, which took people to this post thanks to the comment my mother made at the bottom. Firstly, I’m proud to say I’m the top Google hit for that search term. Secondly… west palm what??! 

The search for where would the oil go in “real” fresh water/ocean now that it has dishwashing liquid in it? was slightly more coherent and likely related to the BP oil spill. I still have no idea why they ended up on my blog but I can’t help but do multiple facepalms on their behalf. Equally why a search for latina girl who’s cleaning rich people houses and dancing macarena movie ended up here is beyond me but that person is going to need more than a moogle to wash their sins…

Sadly I think I also disappointed the person looking for king cake is fleeting (but they can rest assured any kind of cake is fleeting in my presence), the two meta-hungry people looking for a meta bagel (huh?) and the sneaky researcher of a bekaa assault rifle (there is a Deep Web for that you know!)


Thanks to the same comment mentioned above, my post on Loy Krathong is the one and ONLY Google hit for the term batikhoogles.. until of course this page gets indexed (see for yourself)

Unfortunately it doesn’t qualify as an actual Googlewhackblatt because it’s not a word that appears in any dictionary (other than The Lebanese Mother’s Guide to English) but I’m claiming it anyway!

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