Who are you?

I’m Zzella, a web developer with an overabundance of frizz and underwhelming amount of skin pigmentation. I live out of a suitcase (not even a good one) and pimp out my ability to arrange curly brackets in a futile attempt to fund an out-of-control travel habit. 

My partner in nomadism and the one person standing between me and the purchase of a bigger suitcase is Stacker, the ceo, janitor and barista of his own mobile app company. He may wear the façade of a grumpy Frenchman but his heart is pure melted Camembert.. especially when it comes to the Packers.

What are you?

Yep, that’s right, we’re just another pair of those “digital nomads” you keep reading about. Seriously, who came up with that term?

For four years we were working from home until it suddenly clicked, we can do this from anywhere! So in April 2011 we took the show on the road.

We gave up our apartment, sold or gave away everything that wasn’t irreplaceable, stashed a small cachet of the remaining items with our parents and then trimmed our travel belongings to a carry-on suitcase each.

We decided to travel slowly, spending at least a month in each place so we’d have time to connect with each new community, meet people and uncover tasty culinary secrets.

Here you’ll find all our stories.. the good, the bad and the tasty.

50 shades of grey clothing

50 shades of grey clothing – All my clothes have been chosen for maximum versatility and have been washed and squashed into a suitcase more times than they were ever designed for.

Why are you?

Deep, man, deep.

Where are you?

Behind you! Haha, made you look..

Since our work depends on us having a decent internet connection, and since the Incas weren’t big on broadband, you’re more likely to find us slicking the cities and well-connected corners of the world rather than coding from a rock on Machu Piccu.. but we’re not ruling anything out!

We find even the path well-trodden has stories to tell but we still like to escape off the beaten track when we can.

Where have you been?
So far on our nomadic adventures we’ve lived in… New York, Montreal, Barcelona, Brittany, the French Alps, Amman, Beirut, San Francisco, Berlin, Chiang Mai, Reykjavik, Paris, London, Hawaii, Melbourne … and counting..

Raise the roof bear

Raise the roof of the world!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the shout out ZD! Hope you and Stack have a fab time in NYC. Is there any way to follow your blog? It is very well written – although I would expect nothing less from a Durham graduate! 😉

    • Thanks Georgia!!
      I’ve added a email subscription thingy. I’ll have to check out and see what I can do with these widgets.
      Do your entries get posted automatically to facebook or do you do it yourself?

  2. Nicely put! It was a daunting task at first but once you start it becomes addicting to shed more and more. So far I haven’t missed much that I sold or left behind.
    Took a peek over at your blog.. sounds like you have plenty of that Yorkshire courage to me! Good luck for the pointy end of your degree!

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